It’s easy to believe that homeless people have few or no choices. But on a road trip in Australia a few years ago, one individual forcefully reminded me that he did have options, notably where to make his stand: right in front of a carousel. This led to recognizing how other people had made similarly conspicuous choices, and I remembered still others I had seen, and sometimes photographed, long before.

Perhaps their choices are partly for safety, perhaps because these are often better sites for raising money, or for other reasons. But it also serves a social purpose: Not out of sight, not out of mind, not if we can help it, is the implied challenge to the world’s incompetence and indifference.

Central ferry terminal, Sydney 2019



Carousel, Geelong, Victoria 2019



Memorial, Adelaide 2019



104 Piccadilly, London 1969



Homeless charity and neighbor, Soho Square, London 2019



Whitehall, London 2019



Ravenscourt Park Underground station, London 2019



2nd and M Streets NW, Washington, DC 2019



Connecticut Ave and Van Ness St, Washington, DC 2019



Water Tower Place, Chicago 2023



Five-star hotel and neighbors, Ahmedabad 2007